Aviation Management

The specialist in Aviation Management bears responsibility for the management and development of the company or of its subunits. The aim of their work is to ensure the coordinated and smooth functioning of all of its subunits thus facilitating the functioning of the whole company in its entirety.

During their studies the students of the speciality of Aviation Management learn about the work organisation of different aviation companies. In theoretical subject courses the students are given the necessary theoretical background:

  • General subjects in aviation: Basics of Aviation Safety, Aviation Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Structures, Operational Procedures and Flight Planning, etc.
  • General business related courses during which the students focus on organisation of aviation activities: Basics of Aviation Company Customer Service, Marketing, Basics of Economic Accountancy, Aviation and Environmental Protection, Basics of Logistics, etc.
  • Speciality subjects: Booking Systems Management, Airport Technology and Equipment, Aviation Company Management, etc.

It is of utmost importance for aviation managerial staff to have a good knowledge of English and of business etiquette.

During numerous speciality practices which take place from the first very first year of the studies the students in addition to applying the already acquired theoretical knowledge get an overall picture of aviation which later facilitates the students’ successful specialization. There are several options for specialization: from revenue management to aviation safety management, from supervision of the field of aviation to marketing analysis.

The graduates in the speciality cope well in different areas of the industry but when compared to the curricula on management and company work organisation of other higher education institutions the curriculum of company management of EAVA focuses specifically on aviation management. The curriculum enables to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed in the management of subunits of aviation companies.    

  • Estonian Aviation Academy offers professional higher education. The  four-year programme of studies are carried out only in Estonian. For admission the applicant's Estonian language skill level needs to be at least B2 by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 
  • Foreign students can take part in the Erasmus + programme. If You want to attend the Estonian Aviation Academy study exchange programme, read more about your options here.