Overview of Studies

  • Air Traffic Services
  • Aircraft Piloting:        
    Aeroplane Piloting
    Helicopter Piloting
  • Aviation Management   
  • Aeronautical Engineering:
    Communication and Navigation Systems   
    Aircraft Engineering

The course for aviation engineers lasts for four years and the volume of studies is 240 ECTS credits. The study process falls into three phases:  

  • Basic studies last for three semesters (90 ECTS). The course consists of lectures and practical training, and serves as the foundation for an academic degree course. The studies are carried out in co-operation with the University of Tartu and Estonian University of Life Sciences.
  • Basic aviation studies last for one semester (30 ECTS).   
  • Specialization begins after the completion of the course in basic aviation studies and falls into two stages: basic professional training and speciality training.  
Special courses (up to 120 ECTS) last for four semesters. The studies are carried out in co-operation with Tallinn University of Technology and the practical training in co-operation with different aviation enterprises and institutions in Estonia and abroad.

To graduate from the Academy the students have to write a graduation thesis and pass the exams depending on the speciality chosen.

The language of instruction at EAVA is the Estonian language except for the joint courses offered to Erasmus+ students which are carried out in the English language.