ICAO English Language Exam

According to the ICAO regulation number 9835 pilots flying in international airspace and air traffic control officers need to demonstrate their proficiency in English. Employees at these positions must have at least level 4 English by the ICAO standards.

English language proficiency exams can be conducted at the Estonian Aviation Academy. Exams can be taken on the last Thursday of each month. For registering for the exam, contact the TEA administration at least a week before the exam day.
TEA (Test of English for Aviation) exam is developed by the Mayflower Collage (UK).

TEA check candidates' listening and speaking abilities through different exercises. The exam will take place in the form of one-on-one interviews and it takes about 30 minutes. The interview is recorded and sent to Mayflower College, where the answers are graded by experienced English language specialists. Six English language skills are graded: pronunciation, language structures, vocabulary, speech fluency, listening-understanding, and adequate interaction-response. Test of English for Aviation Ltd. provides a certificate.

  • Find out more more at www.tea-test.com subtitle under Guide for TEA candidates and their teachers.
  • Notes for TEA Candidates can be found here.
  • ICAO rating scale can be found here.

Additional information, registration and prices:

Carmen Ruus, Head of Language Centre / TEA Administrator and Examiner
Phone: +372 7 448 106, Mob: +372 58 455 322, E-mail: carmen.ruus@eava.ee