Human Factor (Module 9)

Time of the Course
On request
Estonian Aviation Academy / as agreed on
Schedule tailor-made
Format of studies
Classroom teaching
Language of instruction
Estonian or English
Base of course syllabus
Aeronautical Engineering curriculum (Registered in EHIS, code 194140)
Curriculum group
Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft
Jaanika Mölter, MBA
4-6 academic hours / depending on topics as prior agreed on
As agreed on
Target group
Employees of aviation enterprises and others interested in topics covered
Size of group
To enhance awareness about the role of human factors in everyday work
  • The necessity for taking account of human factors;
  • Cases arising from human error;
  • The importance of procedures;
  • Human capabilities and their limits; 
  • Factors having impact on working capacities;
  • Physical working environment; 
  • Human error;
  • Hazards at work places, acting in case of emergency.
  • Learning outcomes
    Enhanced awareness about the role of human factors in everyday work
    Requirements set for passing the course
    Participation – 100%
    Documents issued on completion the course
    Certificate of Attendance OR in case of successfully passed test a Certificate of Course Completion issued by Estonian Aviation Academy
    Registration and further information
    Karine Mandel,