Handling of Dangerous Goods

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E-learning environment Moodle
Additional information
Format of studies
E-course/independent work
Language of instruction
Base of course syllabus
Aeronautical Engineering curriculum (Registered in EHIS, code 194140)
Curriculum group
Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft
Mattias Kosemets (Estonian Aviation Academy, Head of MTO Training, teaching subjects: Fuel Tank Safety, Aviation Legislation, Handling of Dangerous Goods, Familiarization Practice in Aviation Organisation)
26 academic hours (1 ECTS)
40 euros
Target group
Employees of aviation enterprises and others interested in topics covered
Size of group
No requirements
Course goal is to familiarize participants with general provisions and enable participants to understand and use specific regulations. Also to give an overview of dangerous goods, marking, labelling and packing requirements, allow participants to understand safety and emergency procedures and enable participants to use transport documentation and fill in relevant forms
  • General Philosophy;
  • Regulations;
  • Limitations;
  • Classification;
  • Identification;
  • Packaging;
  • Marking and labelling;
  • Documentation;
  • Handling;
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Learning outcomes
    After passing this course, the participant understands the principles of dangerous goods regulation, related transportation documents, labelling and marking
    Study materials
    Study materials are in an e-learning environment Moodle,
    For additional reading: ICAO Annex 18 and Annex 18 Technical instructions
    Requirements set for passing the course
    Participation – 100%, successful test result the test (at least 75%)
    Documents issued on completion of the course
    Certificate of Course Completion issued by Estonian Aviation Academy
    Registration and further information
    Karine Mandel, karine.mandel@eava.ee
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