Balance Sheet and Income Statement

On request
Estonian Aviation Academy / as agreed on
Schedule and additional information
Negotiable when booking the course
Format of studies
Workshop in the classroom
Language(s) of instruction
The course is run in English (yet, trainees may always revert to using translation into Estonian or Russian, should a need arise)
Hans Kunka, Lecturer of English at Estonian Aviation Academy
8 contact (academic) hours
To be negotiated
Target group
Accountants who prepare the Financial Statements and want to build their confidence or just learn to discuss about Financial Statements in English
Size of group
6-16 participants
Learning outcomes
Throughout this course, the trainees learn the relevant accounting terminology and enhance their confidence needed when discussing about or when analyzing the Financial Statements
  • Current assets 1 contact hour
  • Fixed assets and accounting for their amortization and depreciation 2 contact hours
  • Current and non-current liabilities 1 contact hour
  • Retained earnings and their distribution 1 contact hour
  • Income Statement and its entries (as used in the company you work with) 1 contact hour
  • Discussing about the Income Statement entries and the key calculations used 1 contact hour
  • Role-play that involves the terminology/vocabulary learned during this course 1 contact hour
  • Requirements set for passing the course
    In order to complete this course, all the trainees shall attend and participate in the 8-contact hour or 4+4 contact hour workshop
    Documents issued on complation of the course
    Upon finishing, all trainees will be awarded a Certificate of completing a Supplementary Training Course at Estonian Aviation Academy
    Registartion and further information
    Carmen Ruus,

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