ICAO Language Proficiency Exam

Estonian Aviation Academy offers an opportunity to take the ICAO Language Proficiency Exam. The exam used is Test of English for Aviation (TEA) developed in Mayflower College, UK.

The exam is in the form of a one-to-one interview and controls the test takers listening and speaking skills in Aviation English. To learn more about the exam see:

Guide for TEA candidates and their teachers:

TEA Notes for Candidates:
TEA Notes for Commercial Pilot or ATCO candidates 2012 are available here.

The ICAO marking scale can be found at

EAVA has been recognised as the Language Proficiency Testing Organization by the Estonian Civil Aviation Administration by its respective Certificate.


Contact and info:Carmen Ruus
Head of Language Centre
tel: +372 7448 106
fax: +372 7448 101
e-mail: carmen.ruus@eava.ee