Three questions to Simona and Ján

Simona Bolčeková and Ján Čerňan are exchange students from Technical University of Košice. We have asked three questions from them and of course it is always nice to get positive feedback :)

How did you like Tartu, Estonia and what has been surprising?

Simona: Before coming to Estonia, I only knew that it is one of three Baltic states, that the capital is Tallin and winters are pretty cold. Yes, I was a little bit scared, but my desire for adventure won and so far it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Tartu became my new home for almost five months and living here was amazing. Even though Tartu is a well-known student city, the amount of events really surprised me. Tartu gave me a lot of unforgettable days, evenings and nights. It gave me friendships that will last longer than these few months, an opportunity to deal with a new country, new cultures and a chance to meet people from all over the world.

Ján: Estonia and especially Tartu is full of beautiful places you can discover. In my opinion the most surprising thing was the weather. In May it looked like summer but in reality the ground was still frozen.

How did you like your semester at Estonian Aviation Academy?

Simona: I loved the new, modern building next to Tartu Airport with own sauna, gym, canteen, table tennis, table footbal, etc. No wonder that everyone envied the EAVA students. But it was not just about the facilities. The lectures were given at the highest level, focused not only on knowledge, but also development of logical thinking and professional performance. Professors were very friendly and helpful as well. All in all, I really enjoyed the time spent at EAVA.

Ján: Semester at EAVA was amazing. Teachers were super nice, especially John Kunka! I also like the building of the Academy. It makes students feel relaxed so they could focus on studying.

Which subjects were the most interesting and the most difficult for you?

Simona: I can say that most of the subjects were interesting and well-prepared. But as I am student of Air Transport Managements, the most interesting subject for me was Air Transport Economics because of my interests. At the same time it was the most difficult one. Wait..No...The most difficult one was for sure Estonian for beginers. That pronunciation of ö, õ, ä and ü cost me a lot of effort!

Ján: Most interesting subject was Air transport economy, because I learnt a lot of useful things and I also enjoyed when we had guests from Nordica, old Estonian Air or a specialist from Turkey. They explained us how all those things work in real life.
Most difficult courses were e-courses. We had to be aware of deadlines, and it wasn’t always possible (haha). But in general I really enjoyed this semester. Tartu was a good choice!

Simona Bolčeková & Ján Čerňan,

Some thoughts from Petr Helia, an exchange student from Brno University of Technology

Estonia is a perfect starting point to explore Nordic. You can easy travel to Finland, St. Petersburg or Latvia. Of course there are a lot of interesting places in Estonia as well. For example I can recommend yellow window hunting, Lahemaa national park and many more…

During the exchange studies I have discovered that Tartu ESN is really active. They organize many events every week and it’s almost impossible to attend everything. Estonians are able to biking in winter, during rain at 3am. Btw, bring your bike here because here are nice biking conditions, but it’s almost impossible to buy used bike (even really old) for less than 70 Euros here.

EAVA is really far from city center and bus connection is very bad. It’s possible to walk to Ülenurme bus station. It takes ca 20 minutes by fast walk and buses go there more often than from Lennujaam bus station. For 2 Euros you can also get “Tartu Bussikaart” where you can deposit money and don’t care about small coins. You have also 5% discount with the cart :))

While comparing Tartu with Czech Republic the main difference is weather. Here in Tartu the weather is absolutely unpredictable. Although the sun is shining at the moment, it doesn’t mean there won’t come snow blizzard in next ten minutes... and it works also in opposite way. On the other hand nobody expected we will see warm weather here, but since begin of May we have enjoyed real Estonian summer.

I think that EAVA has been best choice I have ever done. Everyone on EAVA is really helpful and with positive attitude. Especially when you meet Karine, it makes your day – I have never seen her with bad mood. My favorite course is definitely Aviation English. Ere Saar is amazing teacher, and it’s really visible she was delivering education. She is that kind of teacher who wants to teach you something. Her lessons were always interesting and with adequate intensity. EAVA has also a gym and sauna…just use all opportunities that EAVA offers.

Petr Helia,

First impressions about Estonia, Tartu and Academy

Tere! Minu nimi on Alex! 

When I decided to go to Erasmus, the first thing that everybody asked me was: why did you choose Estonia? And I never knew what to answer. However, now that I am here, I am discovering many new things that I did not expect. Living in the student city is awesome, you meet people from all over the world and from other fields and in Tartu there are a lot of activities and parties, which are very useful for meeting new people.

About EAVA, it is a very new building and is full of equipment for giving different points of view of the theoretical stuff. Teachers are so friendly and try to help you anytime. They are always proposing to do some visits, like hangar, etc. The leisure installations of the academy are perfect, since you have gym, sauna, table tennis...

The syllabuses in the academy are very interesting, and I believe that I would learn a lot. The RPAS subject is the one that I found more interesting. 

The student life in Tartu is awesome; there is always some event you can join. I did not expect that, as in Barcelona we do not have all this amount of events every day. The main difference between BCN and Tartu is the time of eating and partying as in Barcelona we eat at 2pm and 9pm and we go party about midnight. Another big difference is the weather, it is so cooooooold! The other things are more or less the same, so it is easy to get used to Tartu. I am completely happy about my decision.

Alex March Vidal,