Blog by Edvardas and Edgaras

Two Lithuanian Students – Edvards and Edgaras from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University were writing and filming a blog during the 2013 fall semester. The most important events, places and people have been recorded.

If you are interested in seeing all that information, please find the „Misija Erasmus“ in Facebook!

Public Ceremony for celebrating a New Academic year (taken by: Maris Arulepp)
From left to right: Nicolas Turcot (France), Edgaras Parasockis (Lithuania), Karine Mandel (Erasmus coordinator at EAVA), Jaan Tamm (Rector at EAVA), Claire Ballester (France), Edvardas Ubis (Lithuania), Grzegorz Molas (Poland).

Also please have a look at Student Newspaper "Propeller" and see, what have been organized!

Trip to Tallinn Airport (taken by G. Molas)
From left to right: Edgaras Parasockis, Claire Ballester, Nicolas Turcot, Ilo-Kaisa Volmer, Mariliis Õun, Simona Morozova (Slovakia), Miriama Gecelovska (Slovakia), Slavomira Valkovicova (Slovakia), Edvardas Ubis, Grzegorz Molas.

Some thoughts from Atanas Milev and Pavlin Hristov, our first Erasmus students from Bulgaria!

Tartu was just, amazing! It is surprising to see how many activities you have here! We have seen a lot and I am sure we have not seen all. There are stadiums, parks, adventure parks, swimming pools paintball courts and more! Also the river passing through the city is used for a lot of sports like canoeing, swimming and sometimes skiing when it’s frozen. I can’t even describe the beautiful views you can get around the city. You can never get tired of Tartu :)

The spring semester in the academy was awesome! We had some fun in robotics, we got to learn about Estonia and its traditions as well as air transport economics, navigation and many more. The teachers in the academy are very positive, open minded set of very well educated people and will help you with whatever they can to make sure that you are well prepared. I was amazed by the building and equipment in the academy everything is new and well maintained. The gym and sauna inside helps you stay in good shape!

Most of the classes were interesting we learned a lot from the effective speaking, specialty practice was really fun, where you can see how some parts of the plane are made and actually do some yourself. We also got to make a robot and also program it in robotics, which is really cool. Most of the other classes were interesting simply because the teachers made them interesting. I think the most difficult class was the Human factors, due to the fact that there are a lot of facts you need to learn.

Pavlin Hristov and Atanas Milev
"Vassil Levski" National Military University

In an EAVA's hangar (taken by Laura Vetik)
From left to right: Atanas Milev (Bulgaria), Pavlin Hristov (Bulgaria), Michal Czyz (Poland), Maciej Babelek (Poland), Michal Sulinski (Poland), Luuk van der Kolk (The Netherlands), Grzegorz Molas (Poland), Zuzana Sekerakova (Slovakia), Nick Soonius (The Netherlands), Jakub Zouhar (Czech Republic)

Thoughts from ESN Diary


Why had I chosen Estonia – Tartu? Because I wanted to study at one of the best aviation academy in Europe! Nice and kind but mainly very experienced and professional teachers and friendly students are ready to help me with all of my problems.

There are a lot of activities to do during free time as well…to stay in Tartu with my new international friends or to discover beauty of Estonian nature and culture... I love it :-)

Jakub Zouhar
Brno University of Technology 


Our time in Tartu has been very pleasant! We have learned a lot at the Estonian aviation academy but had enough time besides studying for other activities. Because of this we have seen a lot of Estonia and the surrounding countries.

Together with other Erasmus exchange students, we have had many good times in Tartu. Special thanks to ESN Tartu, the Estonian aviation academy and club Atlantis for making this the best semester ever!! 

Nick Soonius and Luuk van der Kolk
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences