OJT Instructor Refresher Course

As agreed on / on request
Schedule and additional information
Schedule is specified on placing the order
Format of studies
Classroom teaching
Language(s) of instruction
Estonian or English
EAVA lecturers, the co-operation partner in the field of practical teaching skills is SA Omanäolise Kooli Arenduskeskus
As agreed on
Contact teaching 12 academic hours
Target group
The refresher course aimed at ATCs already qualified as OJT instructors
Size of group
As agreed on
  • To highlight and reinforce the methodology of on-the-job-training (OJT);
  • To give an overview of legislation related to OJT;
  • To highlight the activities of the training plan when supervising new colleagues;
  • To provide skills to creatively approach each and every trainee; 
  • To advance the understanding of the importance of team work in effective supervision process.
  • Topics
    1. Conducting an interview (discussion) and asking questions;
    2. Goal setting;
    3. Giving feedback;
    4. Learner (learning styles and other aspects of importance to adult learners);
    5. The different roles of an OJT instructor in supervision;
    6. Communication (use of rank in supervision);
    7. Personal traits of an individual;
    8. Motivation (the essence of motivation, generating and maintaining motivation, motivation of the supervisor);
    9. Stress awareness and stress management strategies;
    10. Practical skills in supervision: briefing, working methods, winding up, assessment;
    11. Legislation and safety regulations;
    12. Mental model;
    13. Situational awareness;
    14. Team work.
    Requirements set for passing the course
    Active participation in all of the contact classes
    Documents issued on complation of the course
    Certificate issued by Estonian Aviation Academy
    Registartion and further information

    Course description PDF
    Anu Vare, anu.vare@eava.ee
    The order shall have to be placed 3 months in advance