OJT Instructor Rating Training

As agreed on / on request
Estonian Aviation Academy
Schedule and additional information
Schedule shall be specified on placing the order
Format of Studies
Classroom teaching, training in the Synthetic Training Device, independent work
Language(s) of instruction
Estonian or English
EAVA lecturers, the co-operation partner in the field of practical teaching skills is SA Omanäolise Kooli Arenduskeskus
Contact teaching 30 academic hrs, independent work 48 acad. hrs (5 days)
As agreed on
Target group
The course is aimed at licensed air traffic controllers with at least one-year working experience who would like to become OJT instructors
Size of group
As agreed on
  • To explain the theoretical basis of adult teaching and learning, and the legislation related to licensing of ATCs;
  • To carry out practical training in separate elements of the training process;
  • To give knowledge about preparing and running a training session, and about obtaining feedback thereafter;
  • To give knowledge about presenting grounded reports.
  • Topics
    The course begins with introductory lectures where the goal of the course and the organisation of studies shall be explained.
    List of topics of the e-course:
    1) Legislation;
    2) ESARR 5, EC Regulation (EU) 2015/340 from 20 February 2015;
    3) Licensing;
    4) Adult education / learning;
    5) Learner;
    6) Learning models;
    7) Learning objectives;
    8) Adult education / teaching;
    9) Teaching methods;
    10)   Obstacles to learning and teaching;
    11) Motivation for learning and teaching;
    12) Needs of an individual;
    13) Communication and body language, stress;
    14) Process management;
    15) Training planning, goal setting incl.;
    16) Running the course, learner support;
    17) Team work.
    Contact teaching is aimed at enhancing the participants’ practical skills. Group work shall be used when covering theoretical topics. Simulated working environment shall be used when doing practical exercises, and the participants shall have an opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice. The trainers shall observe the activities and provide feedback on performance.
    The topics of contact teaching are:
    1) Conducting an interview (discussion) and asking questions;
    2) Conflict management;
    3) Various techniques of training (demonstration, talk-through, monitoring);
    4) Work process observation;
    5) Interference in workflow;
    6) Briefing and debriefing;
    7) Summative assessment;
    8) Drawing up the report;
    9) Preparation of a single training activity;
    10) Application of the knowldege obtained at the course in practice.
    Requirements set for passing the course
    Achieving at least 70% of the total at the theoretical knowledge test (material presented in e-course) and active participation in all the contact teaching classes
    Documents issued on complation of the course
    Certificate issued by Estonian Aviation Academy
    Registartion and further information
    Anu Vare, anu.vare@eava.ee
    The order shall have to be placed 3 months in advance

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