Communications Laboratory

Communications Laboratory is equipped with modern measuring devices and information technology equipment, allowing to carry out radio measurements and experiments in the field of communication and navigation. Some of the technology is computer-controlled - a configured server enables devices to be commanded outside the Estonian Aviation Academy building (eg Tallinn).

It is possible to measure the main parameters and characteristics of all the important communication system nodes (antennas, lines, receivers, transmitters, etc.). The laboratory has portable radios used in aviation and other wider used stations that operate at free frequencies.

The laboratory has also didactic field models, which allow to learn about a variety of components in communication and navigation systems' in order to avoid problems (including problems related to the electromagnetic compatibility).

  1. Further information: Veiko Leps, Phone: +372 744 8107, E-mail:

Aircraft construction and maintenance hangar

Hangar has a composite laminating workshop as well as sheet metal workshop. The hangar is equipped with the control equipment for communication and navigation devices, non-desdructive testing devices (eg. eddy NDT test equipment, video borescope), other materials and processing equipment (such as milling machine, lathe, 3D printer).

In addition the hangar has laboratory portable test equipment for aircraft systems.

  1. Further information: Mattias Kosemets, Phone +372 744 8104, E-mail: