Thoughts from ESN Diary

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First of all, I would like to underline the invaluable, professional and very harmonious attitude of both lecturers and people working at the international office. The sufficient volume of knowledge linked to joyful atmosphere, that was the key driver bringing me back again and again to the doors of EAVA.  I am grateful to a superior number of people students and teachers all together, that are connected by the passion called Aviation. The new and modern complex of the Estonian Aviation Academy provides a sky-high education level. EAVA shows up as a felicitous choice to one´s liking that industry. I had an agreeably unforgettable time spent out here in Estonia. 

Miroslav Špák

Presentation about Anadolu and Turkey


Minu nimi on Ömer Faruk ja minu perenimi on KESKİN.

Last year I qualified for Erasmus in Estonia but I couldn’t match lecture my home university. Firstly I didn’t have any idea about Estonia. I knew only that here is the Estonian Aviation Academy. When I saw academy and compared it with my home university, I was shocked, because it is unbelievable. 

Academy has a lot of oppurtunities, for example library, simulation room for air traffic control and flight by plane, gym, sauna and table tennis.  Most interesting thing for me is the shape of the building. It looks like a spacecraft. About Tartu. I have already tried  to walk on the bridge  and swim in the fountain. In addition Tartu is a student city, where all young people know English. 

It is a first time for me to be in another country. I have already visited some places in Estonia, while the car was rented. I like that cold, small and beautiful country and if I turn back my home, I will miss everything about Estonia. Thanks to Estonia for your all opportunities. Thank you  / Tänan teid!

Ömer Faruk Keskin, Türgi

Some thoughts from Magdalena Grabowska, an Erasmus student from Poland

For me the Estonian Aviation Academy is a very modern and professional higher education institution. I found here a lot of useful information about  the civil aviation's world. The classrooms are adequately equipped, I have access to everything.

The most important point here are people! I think that I met here the most experienced and smiling all time teachers! I can ALWAYS ask if I don't understand something or I want to know more. I'm surprised that for Estonian Aviation Academy very important is learning specialized aviation english. It is useful for students in their future. I've never been so impressed.

I am spending here the best time of my life. I'm so pround that I can be here,  to meet Estonian teachers and every day to know more and more and more about aviation's world!

Magdalena Grabowska
National Defence University Warsaw

Three questions to Laura Gudeleviciute, an Erasmus student from Lithuania

How did you like Tartu, Estonia, what was surprising?

I came from Lithuania, these countries are very similar to each other, so I didn‘t found anything extremely surprising for me. But there is one thing what I miss a lot. I am talking about sky. It is strange that only 500km between countries can make such big difference. Strange shapes of the clouds during day, beautiful colours during evening and dark just for few hours during the night in June made the biggest impression for me. Talking about Tartu I can mention, that I didn‘t expected that it is so modern city. I had great time there and I found a lot of nice people. Talking about Erasmus exchange program I can say that it is worth to choose Estonia.

How did you like your semester at Estonian Aviation Academy?

Estonian Aviation Academy is a good place for studies. Nice design building with cosy class room and beautiful environment makes you feel comfortable even you have lectures for all day. Dining room provides delicious and cheep food. I think that study quality is very good. But in EAVA I like the most lecturers. Kind and young specialists make this academy good place for studies.

Which subjects were the most interesting and the most difficult for you?

The most interesting subject for me was Introduction to Robotics. Lecturer knows how to make students interested in his subject. We constructed Lego robots. All lectures were like a game and at the last day we had a competition between each other.  The most difficult was the GNSS e-course. We had to read the topics and answer to the lecturer questions. Sometimes it was really hard to found the answer. It was hard, but and an interesting, because we got a lot of knowledge.

Laura Gudeleviciute
General Jonas Zemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania