General Information

Higher education in Estonia is known for its high quality. There are two types of higher education institutions in Estonia: Universities and Universities of Professional Education like Estonian Aviation Academy. The last ones prepare students for specific professions and are more practically oriented than general universities.

Aviation education started in Estonia in 1919, but was liquidated by the Soviet authorities. Estonian Aviation Academy was founded in 1993 as Tartu Aviation College and has trained lots of aviation specialists and has actively participated in updating Estonian aviation.

Regular study programs of EAVA last for four years and a variety of teaching and examination methods is used. To complete their studies the students have to write and defend their graduation thesis and pass final exams. Our qualifications are equivalent to bachelor’s level degrees.

You can use academy’s library without any fees. Library locates in academy’s building.

After arriving to Tartu come and register your arrival with EAVA Erasmus Coordinator (EAVA main building next to Tartu Airport, Room B101). If there are any changes in the module, confirm the final choice of subjects for the learning agreement. The coordinator will currently deliver you the timetables and other practical information.

If you have a visa and you need a residence permit, please, visit the police department of Tartu. If you need any help in transport issues, we will help you.

EAVA offers the following study programs for degree studies: 

  • Air Traffic Services
  • Management of Aviation Communication and Navigation Systems
  • Aircraft Piloting
  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Aviation Management

EAVA also offers courses for advanced professional training and refresher courses.

International exchange students receive a certificate when they have passed one or more program subjects with a sufficient result.

An academic year is divided into 2 semesters:

  • Fall semester, beginning of September - end of January
  • Spring semester, beginning of February - end of June
Estonian holidays: 

  • New Year's Day 01.01
  • Independence Day 24.02
  • Good Friday in April
  • Easter Sunday in April
  • May Day 01.05
  • Whitsunday in May
  • Victory Day 23.06
  • Midsummer day 24.06
  • Day of Restoration of Independence 20.08
  • Christmas 24.-26.12